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    Athens Yoga Teachers


    All Athens Yoga teachers have studied yoga at schools that are certified by the Yoga Alliance International



    Anne Louise Hagen

    Anna Petropoulou

    Georgia Georgoni

    Eleni Tolia

    Katerina Karasmani

    Maja Zilih

    Yannis Gerou


    Maja Zilih


    Yoga Alliance International Experienced Registered Yoga teacher

    Anusara-InspiredTM Yoga Teacher


    Maja's life and her teaching are devoted to connecting with people with commitment and care, offering the teachings of yoga in a way that respects the needs of each individual, inviting them at the same time to unfold their full and true potential.

    Founder of Athens Yoga, Maja has been immersed in meditation and yoga since the early 1990s. She has been educated in Hatha Yoga, Anusara, Prenatal Yoga, Partner Yoga with world wide known teachers: Chris Chavez, John Friend, Carlos Pomeda, Sianna Sherman, Elysabeth Williamson, Desiree Rumbaugh, Andrew Rivin, Jordan and Martin Kirk, Sue Elkind, Todd Tessen, and others.

    Her method integrates different styles of yoga as she combines dynamism with meditative and mindful approach to asana, links movement with inner awareness, and always inspires students to approach yoga as a way of life.

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    Anna Louise Hagen

    "Yoga has added so much to my life and I could not think of a better purpose to pour my energy into. I feel that the best job in the world would be to pass on this knowledge and practice to people that need it and fill their lives with the joy that I have found through yoga. "

    Anna practiced yoga for over 7 years when she decided to become a teacher. She studied yoga in Coonoor, India, where she became a qualified Hatha Yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance International. In 2011 she completed a prenatal Anusara yoga teacher training with Sue Elkind. Anna is also a graphic designer and holds a university degree of arts and sciences, with major in psychology.


    Katerina Karasmani


    has a teaching experience of over 6 years in various yoga schools and studios. She is a graduate of the superior professional school of dance of Rallou Manou. Her love for dance and exploration of movements led her to find yoga. She studied Hatha Yoga for teachers at the School of Yoga and Budo center for Hatha Yoga, Certified by the Yoga Alliance International. Additionally, she has completed the International Teacher Training of Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Research Institute. She continued her studies of yoga with world-wide known teachers such as B.J. Galvan, Desiree Rumbaugh, Martin Kirk and Todd Tessen. Her teaching combines elements of Anusara, Astanga Vinyasa Flow and Ιyengar Yoga.

    Yiannis Gerou

    Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance International Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher(E-RYT-200)

    Yiannis teaches challenging classes with such precision and care that they become accessible to every student. He is a licensed Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher, his main focus is on body and breath awareness through asana practice,correct alignment and the therapeutic dimension of yoga. Since 2014 he participates in the yoga teacher training program of AthensYoga with Maja Zilih. Yiannis is also a Thai yoga massage and a first degree Usui Reiki therapist and has began recently training on sound massage by Peter Hess.

    He came in touch with yoga for the first time in 2002 and for the next few years he explored practicing in various styles and schools of yoga. In 2007 he completed 200 hour teacher training at NYSY studios with Vivi Letsou. He has been deepening his knowledge by systematically attending seminars and training with exceptional world-wide known teachers. He feels very fortunate to have been learning from Carlos Pomeda & Dr.Douglas Brooks (tantric philoshophy of yoga) - Todd Tessen, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, Sue Elkind, Sianna Sherman, Jaye Martin, B.J.Galvan (workshops and teacher training) - Martin Kirk & Todd Norian (yoga therapeutics and anatomy) – Christos Paulou (Iyengar yoga) - Swami Nirvikalpa(Satyananda yoga) and more.

    Georgia Georgoni


    She graduated from the Drama School of Athens G. Theodosiades in 2001 and since then has participated in many theater and tv productions. Her interests since childhood include Greek folk dances, gymnastics, Tae-kwon-do, music and song. Georgia is a positive person believing in everyone's own potential and constantly seeking new ways of expression. In yoga she found the physical challenge, the inner peace and the perfect expression of her own potential. The balance, vitality and bliss that she discovered through yoga, made her want to share this knowledge with others. In 2012 she decided to attend the 200-hours of training in Hatha Yoga at Athens Yoga Center with Maja Zilih. The training was based on alignment principles of Anusara yoga and enriched with seminars of anatomy and yoga therapy with Martin Kirk. She specialized in Partner yoga with Elysabeth Wiliamson and continued her studies with the training "Yoga wisdom for modern life" with Carlos Pomeda. She attended workshops of Bhakti flow yoga with Rusty Wells and she holds a second degree diploma in Reiki. Since May 2013 she voluntarily teaches yoga lessons in KETHEA and from September 2012 she volunteers in the animal welfare organization Sapt Hellas.

    "The body has intelligence and knows how to heal itself. Everything around us is energy. Dynamic energy or calm energy that pulsates or flows. With reiki and yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation we can smooth the movement of this energy. The authentic nature of each of us is healthy and prosperous and we aim to bring it back to the surface. "

    Anna Petropoulou


    Anna teaches hatha, prenatal, partner and restorative yoga. Her first contact with yoga was random- somewhere between dance and gymnastics. In 2010 she started a systematic practice in Athens Yoga Center which led her to participate in the teacher's training in 2012. She trained in Hatha Yoga with Anusara elements of alignment with Maja Zilih. In 2013 she trained in Partner Yoga with Elysabeth Wiliamson, Yoga Therapy and alignment with Maja Zilih and Yoga Therapy with Martin Kirk through webinars. In May 2015 she trained in Prenatal Yoga with Sue Elkind.

    Anna's teaching focuses on alignment and draws inspiration from everyday life, indian philosophy and mythology. She has a regular practice and she continues studying and training. She attended seminars, workshops and lessons with Michael Stone, Martin Kirk, John Friend, Todd Tesen, Carlos Pomeda, Vicki Howie, Rachel Lowe, Jay Martin, Yiannis Gerou and others. In early 2013 she started teaching regularly to friends and she volunteered at KETHEA. Anna is a surveying engineer and internet radio producer.

    "The question I had when I first came to yoga is now my primary concern in teaching: to encourage students to discover their potential and expand the qualities of their practice in their everyday life . "


    Eleni Tolia


    Ελένη ΤόλιαAfter finishing her studies in Statistics and Insurance Science, Eleni began a spiritual journey which led her to India and yoga. She first discovered Yoga in South India next to the great teacher Saji. Since then, Eleni's daily life is devoted to the study of self and how to grow and transmit this knowledge to others. In 2012 she followed Maja Zilih's training in hatha yoga in order to deepen her knowledge on the Indian philosophy and come in contact with her inner self. Her need to transmit this ancient tradition led her to teach children voluntarily in Dromoi Zois organization since October 2013, to groups of students and the unemployed. She trained in Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy with Arun Deva and has attended seminars with Swami Nirvikalpa, Carlos Pomeda, Eddie Stern. She is committed to offer to those in need and to the integration of yoga in our life in all its forms.