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    Yoga intensive with Michael Stone

    The inner tradition of Yoga

    October 17-19, 2014

    "Michael is one of the rare teachers that can weave together yoga postures, deep philosophical inquiry and daily life, and also explore aspects of yoga that are rarely taught and rarely understood. True to tradition and very contemporary, he teaches a true transformation of mind, body and heart"
    --Richard Freeman

    "The connection of mind and body has never been explored and explained better"
    --Sharon Gannon, cofounder, Jivamukti Yoga

    This 3 day intensive for practitioners desiring to experience aliveness and deeper spiritual dimension of yoga postures, as well as to undo habitual patterns in the body, mind and nervous system.

    It is also highly recommended for teachers of yoga interested in learning the depths of practice and how to bring those depths to life with students. Teachers will receive an 18 hour Yoga Alliance certificate of attendance.


    Fri 9-12am 

    - Dive deeply into standing postures,

    - Alignment, core strength and how to work with your mind

    Friday 2-5pm

    - The role of breathing and attention in undoing habitual patterns in the body, mind and nervous system.

    - The anatomy of yoga breathing and bandhas (inner bonds) in yoga postures

    Saturday 9-12am

    - Asana is a practice of pranayama

    - How to use the correct breathing patterns to make postures come alive

    - The principles of grounding forward bends, twists and basic backbends

    Saturday 2-5pm

    - Establish or deepen your meditation practice

    - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from a psychological perspective. Learning how to make these teachings come alive in our practice, and how to share them with our students.

    Sunday 9-12am

    - Backbends and inversions

    - How to explore these poses as pranayama practices with udiyana bandha, release of the palette, and smart alignment.

    - Partner work

    Sunday 2-5pm

    - Patanjali's approach to: distractions, addiction, impermanence, his teachings in emptiness, and working with obstacles in practice and daily life.

    - The inner life of yoga postures, meditation, and how they relate to daily life.

    - Ethics, psychology and physical aspects of deep practice and of teaching yoga. 

    Full seminar: 380 Euros plus VAT

    Morning practice 9-12 am: 35 Ευρώ per session or 95 Ευρώ for all three (plus VAT)

    Afternoon session 14-17 pm: 95 Euros per session or 275 for all three

    Cancellation 1 month prior to event: 50% refund

    Cancellation within a month prior to event: No refund

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    Michael Stone


    Michael Stone is a renown Yoga teacher, Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist based in Canada. He integrates Vipassana, Zen and Yoga and runs a thriving centre in Toronto that integrates Yoga, meditation, and social action. He has authored five books, one of which the popular "Inner Tradition of Yoga" and most recently Awake in the World: Yoga & Buddhist Teachings for Living an Engaged Life."

    "Michael Stone's teaching brilliantly reveals the profound underpinnings of yoga which are rarely taught or understood. His demonstration of the interdependence of theory, practice and daily life makes yoga work on a level that will truly transform our minds and hearts, as well as our bodies.” 
    – Richard Freeman, Director of The Yoga Workshop, Boulder, Colorado